Essence of Creation - $EOC
Essence of Creation (EoC) is an uncapped utility token, that is minted through gameplay as a reward to users (its supply grows as more players join the game). The token is needed to evolve characters, a major avenue to earn from playing the game.

Powering the KRL economy

EoC is the fuel of KRL internal economy. EoC can be used within the game to evolve new Racers, and can be earned by playing the game, especially by winning races, tournaments, and more.

A self-regulating supply

Upon initiating the evolving of a Racer, EoC is burned (permanently removed from the supply). As a result, there is a natural buying-pressure for EoC to unlock a characters evolving capacity, and additionally, the burning mechanism at least partially offsets inflation.

Additional Utility

There will be a lot of utility to come for the EoC in the KRL universe. In future, you’ll be able to use EoC to buy:
- Land - Weapons - Equipment - Pets - And more!
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