Character Population
  • Kart Racing League is a new type of game that rewards players for the time and effort they spend both playing the game and growing the ecosystem.
  • Kart Racing League is a 100% player-owned, real money economy. Rather than selling game items or copies, the developers of the game focus on growing the player-to-player economy and take small fees to monetize. Racing characters are created by players using in-game resources ($KRL & $EoC) and can be sold to new/other players. You can think of Kart Racing League as a real economy in a digital world. The holders of the $KRL cryptocurrency are the government that receives tax revenues. The inventors/builders of the game, Blue Monster Games, hold ~20% of all KRL tokens.
  • Game resources and items are tokenized, meaning they can be sold to anyone, anywhere on open peer-to-peer markets.
‌The NFT population growth is a major factor within the game's ecosystem. At any given moment, there exists some ideal inflation rate that allows us to grow to our maximum potential. Too slow and the NFT prices are too high for everyday people to join; especially competitive KRL players. Too fast and you get unhealthy inflation.
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