Kart Racing League
The Racers are a breed of speed-loving amphibian creatures hailing from an alternate reality known as the Mohru realm.
When a warmongering species forced them out of their ancestral home, they were teleported to Earth where they are now trapped as NFT characters.
In order to get strong enough to retake their homeland, the Racers need our help in collecting Essence of Creation (EoC) to respawn as a stronger, smarter, bigger, and more powerful version of themselves.
Each time you evolve your Racer, an upgraded version of your Racer is created. The new version will have improved attributes, allowing you to race better and earn more EoC to help the Racers return to their realm!
There are three main stages of the Racer's evolution (at least that we know of at this time):
    1.) Natural -- The original form of the Racer species.
    2.) Fledgling -- The first evolution beyond Natural, increasing in size and abilities.
    3.) Champion -- The second evolution beyond Natural. This is the largest Racer evolution that has been witnessed. These are very powerful and intelligent creatures, with superior racing skills.
During races, humans will only be allowed to compete with Racers at the same stage of evolutionary development (i.e., Fledglings will only race other Fledglings).
These evolved Racers will be rare finds. Each evolution of the Racers will require a significant amount of EoC (as well as KRL tokens). In addition, the limited supply of Racers will give the power of evolution to the select few humans lucky enough to own a Racer NFT.
While you help the Racer species, you can profit as well. The Racer NFTs will command significant value because each can be used to earn money by racing, as well as create additional Racers by evolving. You are free to sell your Racers or do whatever you want with them. In addition, Racers with better sets of attributes (i.e., more speed, acceleration, etc.) will be even more rare and valuable, since they will allow you to more easily win races and rank higher in tournaments.
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