Game Earnings

Rewards in Initial Game Release

When Kart Racing League goes live initially, players will earn a total of 12,000 EoC for finishing in the first-place of each race.
In addition, there will be no maximum amount that you can earn per day in this initial release. This means that you can complete over 100 wins per day if you’d like. At a price of $0.000015 per EoC tokens, with 100 wins per day, your potential earnings are:
  • 0.18 USD per win
  • 18 USD per day

EoC Rewards after Ranking System Launches

The KRL ranking system places you in certain categories based on your skill-level in the game. Your skill-level is based on the number of wins and losses on your account.
When the system goes live, we will have three levels: Level 1 will included the best racers, Level 2 will be composed of mid-tier players, and Level 3 will consist of beginners and entry-level players.
Here are the earnings per win for each respective rank:
  • Level 1 ranked players = 24,000 EoC
  • Level 2 ranked players = 16,000 EoC
  • Level 3 ranked players = 12,000 EoC
At a price of $0.00003, these earnings for Level 1, 2, and 3 equates to 0.18, 0.24, and 0.36 USD, respectively.

KRL Rewards

In addition to earning EoC, the top-100 ranked players will also receive rewards in KRL tokens at the end of each season, which last for about 9–10 weeks each.
For Season 1, our initial season, there will be a total of 10,000,000 KRL tokens available in the prize pool. At a price of $0.03 per token, this equates to $300,000 worth of $KRL.
Here are the reward distributions for the first season:
  • Rank #1 = 1,000,000 KRL
  • Rank #2 = 750,000 KRL
  • Rank #3 = 600,000 KRL
  • Rank #4 = 500,000 KRL
  • Rank #5 = 350,000 KRL
  • To see the rest of Season 1 rewards, visit: Rewards Spreadsheet.