Kart Racing League
Racer Attributes
The attributes is the term for your Racer NFTs stats.
When the Racer NFTs are initially purchased, these attributes will be randomly-generated on a scale from 1 to 51, with 51 being the maximum points allotted to one attribute.
The attributes for each Racer are:
    Speed -- This defines the top-speed of your Racer
    Acceleration -- This is how quickly you accelerate to your top-speed
    Mass -- This affects how your Kart responds to collisions
    Handling -- More handling makes your Racer better at navigating turns
    Durability -- This determines the health of your Racer
Under the initial stage of the Racer evolution, each Racer will have a maximum attribute cap of 120 points.
When the Racers are evolved to the second and third level of their evolution (i.e., when they are Fledglings and Champions), their cap on total attributes will be 121 and 139 points, respectively.
The attributes are fixed numbers, recorded on the blockchain and associated with your unique Racer NFT. When you evolve your Racers, the new evolution will have improved attributes (See the "Evolving" section for more details).
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