Kart Racing League
KRL Metaverse
The team behind Kart Racing League is building an open world for your Racer NFTs to run around in, buy/trade land & items, socialize with other players, and jump into other games that you can play-to-earn with your NFTs.

The KRL World

This vast grassland will be filled lots of things to do with your NFT characters. There will be ponds and rivers that you can swim in and fish. As well as trees, rocks, and bushes that you can respectively chop down, mine from, and gather herbs, which will then be stored in your character's inventory and able to be sold or used for crafting.

World Layout

In the center of this world will be the plots of land, which will be for sale in the KRL NFT Marketplace. Surrounding these plots of land will be:
  • The KRL Racetrack, where you can go and jump into a race
  • Entrances to other games that utilize your Racer NFTs
  • The marketplace: a virtual-version of our NFT marketplace where you can buy and sell NFT items within the KRL World
  • Industrial plots, where people or companies can build custom structures to showcase their company's brands or build their own games/mini-games utilizing your Racer NFTs
  • KRL Town Square, where you can congregate and talk to other players, buy and sell items from NPC vendors, and even gamble in a small virtual KRL casino

Plots for Sale

We will be selling only a limited number of plots. This will include:
  • 250 small-sized plots = Initially $500 each
  • 100 medium-sized plots = Initially $2,500 each
  • 25 large-sized plots = Initially $10,000 each
  • 5 industrial plots = Initially $100,000 each
These plots will be NFTs themselves, and able to be bought and resold on the KRL NFT Marketplace at any time.

Land Functionality

With the small, medium, and large-sized plots, you will have a lot of functionality with your land. On each plot, you will be able to purchase and place an NFT house (from a selection of pre-made designs). Naturally, on the bigger plots, you will be able to place bigger houses.
You will then be able to buy NFT items to decorate your house with, as well as containers to store in-game items. These containers will be virtual wallets, and can store other gaming assets and cryptocurrencies.


The houses and land (and the entire world) will be a place for you to socialize with your friends, or get to know the KRL community and make new friends. The KRL World will feature a text chat, as well as a voice chat, so that you can communicate with others directly in the metaverse.
In addition, there will be other forms of communication in the KRL World. You will be able to post messages on the bulletin board in the KRL Town Square. Moreover, you can place sign posts and messages directly on your land. Both of these modes of communication could be great advertising for you to passively recruit players for your scholarship program.
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