Blue Monster Games

BMG (or Blue Monster Games) is the video game development company tasked with building KRL, among other upcoming NFT-gaming projects.

KRL Tokens

$KRL is the governance token of Kart Racing League. It is a cryptocurrency on the Polygon network, which is a L2-solution on the Ethereum blockchain. As $KRL is unlocked, and majority owned by users (and as BMG sells its stake in $KRL over time), the game will transition to being 100% community driven. In other words, Kart Racing League will become effectively a DAO (a digital decentralized autonomous organization), where the users own the game and control the direction of the project through voting.

Polygon Technology

KRL has partnered with Polygon to utilize the high-speed and low-cost transactions on their network. Using this technology, it makes the transaction costs for $KRL and the Racer NFTs virtually zero.

Omicron Solutions

The Omicron Solutions team is responsible for developing the smart contracts involved in the KRL project. They developed the software to make our Racer NFTs and our two cryptocurrencies, $KRL and $EOC, come to life.


Trezn is a strategic partner in the gaming space. Their company sells custom video game controllers, which each feature very unique graphics and designs.
This is KRL's first partnership in the gaming space and will be vital to helping us reach out to gamers across the world!
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