Updated October 2, 2021

Project Roadmap:

    May 2021: $KRL pre-seed round ✔️
    June 2021: $KRL pre-sale round 1 ✔️
    July 2021: KRL concept and Idea - Development begins ✔️
    September 2021:
      NFT Marketplace launches ✔️
      Origin KRL NFT sale begins ✔️
      $KRL pre-sale round 2
    October 15 = Conclusion of presale
    October 18 = Closed Beta of Kart Racing League
    October 22 = Game trailer release
    October 29 = Public offering via Balancer LP commences
    End of October / Early November:
      NFT marketplace is launched, allowing users to resell or loan pre-sale NFTs purchases
      EoC in-game cryptocurrency is fair launched
      Kart Racing League game goes lives
      Listing tokens on DEXs
      E-sports tournaments begin
    Q4 -- 2021:
      NFT character evolution system begins
      Game launches on mobile devices (iOS/Android) + Facebook KRL
      Listing tokens on CEXs
    Q1 -- 2022:
      $KRL ecosystem begins
      Governance initiated

The endgame is to create a single application which players can use to interact with the entire KRL universe:

    Social network
    Progression of Racers (Leveling, achievements)
    NFT evolving Game
    Online multiplayer racing with ladder and tournaments
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