Kart Racing League
Kart Racing League is being developed by Blue Monster Games, which is a blockchain-focused game studio founded in early 2021.
The team consists of blockchain developers, game developers, 2d & 3d designers, animators, seasoned executives, and has its headquarters in Florida, USA. The founding team consists of the following individuals:

Haydn Snape - Founder

Haydn is the visionary behind KRL. It was his ideas, and the strategic investment made by his firm SSG Management, that launched KRL from nothing into a real opportunity.

Joseph Rubin - Founder & CEO

Alongside Haydn, Joseph manages the current operations of Blue Monster Games, including the video game development and launch of KRL, as well as several other upcoming projects.

Liam Hodges - Founder & COO

An entrepreneur with a successful track record leading operations in financial services, real estate, & investments in EMEA.

Sumit Chitroda - CTO

Sumit leads our engineering team and is responsible for our technical strategy and engineering operations.

Rupak Girkar - Lead Designer

Rupak helms the creative direction of the game and conceived the core gameplay mechanics and experience. In addition, Rupak handles all of the graphic designs for the project.
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